AAP jaisa koi…

At numerous points in life we need inspiration to overcome the cold times, we need people to talk ourselves out of a crisis, we need teeth to chew the hard cheese, and hope to overcome helplessness. And then we find a ‘messiah’ whom we patronise. If I were to put it more cheesily, we look upto him and croon the Bollywood classic AAP jaisa koi meri zindagi me aye toh baat ban jaye…

Arvind Kerjiwal is one such messiah rowing the juggernaut called AAP against a certain wave. More power to him. He entered the political scene wailing, won the electoral but disappointed the public soon, and today stands emblematic of colossal hope for the entire Indian politics.

We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.
– Martin Luther King, Jr.

And lastly to Delhi- 
Thanks for not losing hope in AAP.
Thanks for not judging AAP based on the first lost opportunity of 49 days.
Thanks for giving this chance to AAP, and most importantly to us!

Riding high on hope,
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Live, and let live!

“Humour is a beautiful thing, satire in a society is the strongest tool for survival and I’m tired of us acting like the intolerance is specific to one religion/community/person.” – Vir Das.

A lot happening recently made me reminiscent of a few exchanges with one of my friends about how she did not enjoy a standup comedy hosted at a university premises. Well, she certainly had a reason since most of the humour that evening emerged from mockery of women. The comedian stereotyped them! Fast forward till today, and I have many of these instances to talk about. Mostly unfortunate instances if you ask. Are these instances testing us against something?

Adversity tests character. Following similar line of thought, the human character was put to test in World War I. What emerged was the live and let live system in Trench Warfare during World War I. “Britishers were astonished to observe German soldiers walking about within rifle range behind their own line. However, the men appeared to take no notice.” They were cognizant of the surroundings, but chose to not act. They averted reaction. “Once, a deafening salvo of shots got both of them in action, but an apology confession from a brave German set things right.”

Fools have often fallen prey to this game of action and reaction; wise men behaved otherwise. The battalion of Trench Warfare apparently belonged to the wiser section. They realised soon that both the sides did not get anything by knocking each other down. In fact, the damage would have turned out to be equal. The key here was to avoid targeting each other, and to co-operate.

We do have An Intelligent Battalion (AIB) here in India to play the knockout. They performed the act without targeting anyone else, but themselves. Despite, they garnered attention – most positive and some negative. To avoid repercussions in this battlefield of comedies, we now need to introspect the damage we may cause by posing reactions which target these artists. Penalising such nasty (hell yes!!) comedies will not only devoid us of crude humour, but also dissuade us from laughing at ourselves. So instead why not tweak the ‘Live and let live’ model from Trench Warfare, loan their co-operative strategy, and co-exist – where we enjoy the act (and forget) and they enjoy our reactions (and forget again). Moreover given the luxury of choice that we have unlike the battalions, we may opt to not see the act and to not react.

Whether to eat chicken or not, what to wear and what not, which God to pray to (#PK) and which not – all of these are a matter of personal choice. Some of these choices fall well within the set stereotypes, while some break the norms and turn outcasts. Unless these outcasts affect your very existence, we humans need to live and strictly let others live in harmony with us. The world seems to turn increasingly intolerant towards these outcasts. Maybe slowly, but steadily! That is precisely what makes me sad, and reinforces the need of humour – good, cheap, rude, dirty, all sorts of humour.

“He comes at me with the knife… Why so serious?!. Sticks the blade in my mouth…”
Does that remind you of a certain Joker? In the recent dark (k)nights, many such jokers have come together to put a smile on our faces, if not yours. So instead of being a nut, LET’S PUT A SMILE ON THAT FACE! 🙂

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The Insatiable 24

I enter the 25th year of my life. Fingers crossed. I am not sure how the first 23 went by, but this 24th simply rang my bell. Ouch!

Google suggested too many posts from the newly 24s subscribing to a list of do’s and don’ts, things learnt and yet to learn. Point taken. Nonetheless, these lists do not soothe my bells. Instead, Google better suggest a directed map from my current locale to my destination. It’s best if the navigation can avoid all routes involving rat races, nosy aunties, and prejudiced biases. The route may still have congestion. Compound it with limited available resources. With too much to focus, the ample uncertainty mystifies the little affirmed by now, and further confounds the oncoming. Fog alert!


There again rings my bell. I take effort to inscribe a “Hello” on the foggy front. The voice on the other end pushes me through the unclear, and utters back a clearer “Hello”. The reciprocation to my efforts makes me feel hopeful. I wish to hear more. Somewhere aloof of the conversation, I see myself craving for success, flesh, comfort, satisfaction, peace, power, and then I crave for more of everything. I feel positive, but also greedy. I desire. And then I hear “Happy Birthday”.

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The “Lovely” Cleavage

Dear Deepika,

A lot has been written, read, and rewritten, about your ~well you know what~! So no more of it; firstly its impolite, and second, it doesn’t deserve the focus. So yes, I am one of those, who was completely WOWed by your reply to the despicable headline. Equal points for your final word. Respect!

Did I just say ‘respect’? Sure you earned it, but also lost it. Reason may I tell? I just saw “Lovely”, and it is not at all lovely. Finding fanny had a booty shake, and now a boo*y shake? Disgusted. I won’t link your Youtube video with two minutes of desperation to fame and moolah here. Why let down more of your supporters? Let them be happy for you being a strong woman of substance who stands against the world full of desperadoes. Blah!!

Lovely, is it?

“Lovely”, is it?

The past few days saw an outburst of rage against TOI for firstly posting, shamelessly defending it once, and making a second attempt at corroborating its brazen feat. In my opinion, agreeing to act or dance blindly, as instructed, deserves an equal share of hate. Like reporter, like actor. In your replies to TOI, you confessed of having a say in choosing a character. Amidst such a presence of conscience, what on earth permits someone to force your body, or parts of it, to move disgracefully? Before anyone anticipates if I welcome a certain male Khan’s pelvic moves, NO, I find them equally obscene. You rightly said – an encircled crotch is no different from encircled cleavage.

It is unfortunate that under the sheets of creativity, and freedom of expression, censorship in india today has been left at the mere behest of a few ambivalent minds. I would be too harsh on them, if I blame them only for allowing the passage of yet another distasteful song. The center staged (Deepika in this case) is equally responsible to prevent such an aweful act, choreography you may choose to call it. This one promotes nothing but cheap antiques to garner a few whistles.

Now that the “Lovely” is out in the open, expect only the obvious. This time we also have your permission to celebrate your character (granted in one of your replies). Slow clap for your preposed defense. Women may have long been glanced from a luscious lens by the media. But, to further it is entirely your prerogative. People lost belief in TOI after the unabashed controversy, and chose to not take it seriously; so did I. It was our prerogative. So let me chose to not contribute my few cents towards the success of your newly crafted cinema. That is my prerogative.

And yes, a very ‘happy new year’!

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The farce called “Media”

“The most important service rendered by the press and the magazines is that of educating people to approach printed matter with distrust.” – Samuel Butler. 

Guess who took Samuel’s advice too seriously? None other than the India Today group. Hats off to you for pulling it yet again! I remember having seen such absurdity before, and searched India today fake rankings. Here’s an excerpt from one of the blogs – 

There was no survey conducted by Nielsen Company for Engineering, Medicine, and Law colleges. India Today ranked all these colleges and proudly published it.

On similar lines, following is a recent one from the same group. The image apparently depicts the current state of rankings for Engineering colleges in India –


I am amazed what makes India Today justify VIT-Vellore, PSG-Coimbatore, or IIIT-Allahabad scoring better than IIIT-Hyderabad in the job prospects department? I cease to understand the logic here unless better placements imply poorer job prospects; do they? The ones who know the Indian Engineering colleges inside and outside must have known that the facts represented in the post are miles away from the truth. (P.S. I didn’t intend to malign any certain Institute from the rankings above, but certainly warn readers about falling prey to the ill-implications of such rankings. Also, it is essential to challenge such fake rankings that may damage a better Institute and thereby misinform students. For those who are still eager to rank Institutes, please refer to institute wise cut-off ranks.)

There’s too much in the media these days reassuring you of their sorry state, and much less to bring about any enlightenment. The recent Indian elections 2014 witnessed a few similar incidents from the broadcast media that favored only the privileged. Some news either didn’t see the daylight, or were sufficiently skewed to paint a picture which was distanced from the reality. International media is no better! The western media once painted the entire world black and white; Till today, the picture largely remains unchanged. On the contrary, I can see these impressions ingrained deeper and stronger into the newer minds. 

We have been systematically victimised by these perspectives of different media to believe an illusion and mistake it to be the reality. It needed a lot of creativity and years of manifestation for us to believe in such a virtual world. High time to realise it is ‘their’ reinforcing of ‘their’ interpretations of ‘our’ world! 

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The Inequation: “66*365 > 49”

With some interesting things happening in the Indian politics, it would only be unfair to not give it the much deserved attention. And what could be a better way to give this attention than to discuss it day in and day out! The result? Well, we have been able to pass a yet another judgment on an umpteenth agenda about a newly formulated political ideology. What were the other possible options we could have opted for? Absolutely none. Kudos!
For those unaware, Indian political system has recently seen the birth and consequent upsurge of a new front called Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), which literally translates to a party of the common man. Alike most of the Asian countries, corruption constitutes an inseparable and significant part of governance in India. To put simply, AAP intends to steer away this corruption from the existing political system by practicing ways that are new to the zone of well known politics.  
It is never easy to oppose an inertia set in motion by the multiple governments till date, and it never will be. But this one attempt by a few people has now formulated too many unworthy theories surrounding itself. I don’t intend to bring the role of media here, but instead question the role played by us, the people of India. 
I am least expecting people to stop having an opinion. It would be hypocritical of me to suggest this given the opinionated mindset I have. While it is acceptable to have opinion, what we need to distance from is passing a judgment. The difference? Opinion is a belief with each one of us. E.g., “I dislike a movie.” We make this a judgment when we forcefully impose the assertion on a larger people. E.g., “The movie is bad”; or justify it with suggestive evidence. E.g., “The movie is bad because…”. It is only unfair to judge a new force with a set of suggestive evidences from 49 days and overshadow those garnered across 66 years.
India, since long, has been a judgmental society. We have been brought up to identify certain beliefs to be ‘correct’ as perceived by our elders when young, and approved by our peers when old enough. We follow a certain absolutism. Anything that doesn’t fit the norm, is either ‘wrong’, and hence needs to be remodeled in accords with the existing value system; or it is a rebel, which we find unacceptable. We go a step ahead and tag them- foolish for being outspoken, rape invitee for a girl in certain dress, gay for men wearing pink, and recently AAPtards for supporting AAP. 
The last hashtag #AAP***** being more of an abuse and less of a tag for committing the crime of supporting a certain ideology in a free democratic. Could we consider the option to put forth our opinions and respect them all? Tch na! We better judge them for our ability to justify reasons. The best being abuse each other given how literate we are. Irony personified!
The food we eat has some ingredients meant for direct consumption and some just for their flavors. To me, AAP is a similar gourmet. A new ideology, an opposition to the existing atmosphere, misfit in the large system, all that AAP represents is a perfect recipe to attract attention. But this food too has elements that are not digestible, yet savory. If not munch, we certainly need to enjoy the flavor! 

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In Search of the Perfect One

“Darling, you are a wrong profile for me!”, she said. Bang! 
A disheartened me, cooked up a meal and rejoiced it by myself. This valentine day brought in no luck for me. (Sorry but this came here 2 weeks late!) This definitely was not the first time I heard it. Alas!
I remember one of my seniors giving a wonderful speech a few years back that spoke about the feeling of Love. And how beautiful the message was! It essentially broadened the outlook that we have towards love- It is much more than the romanticism involved between 2 individuals. It is to care, to like, a passion, an extreme fondness for something- for your work, for countries, for religion, for faith, for God! … and that how in this search for romanticism, we have lost the true meaning of Love! This article refers to my expression of such love!
Now re-read the line yet again! The HR manager <in her seemingly polite and attractive  voice> actually was talking about the job I was interviewing for. A technology profiled me was unsuitable for the design profile she was looking for. That was it all!
Desole moi pour la grossiere conduite
J’ai nas moi, mais les temps!
Permettez-moi me trouver
et puis vous après! 
(Here is how my broken French translates – 
Apologies, for my inpleasant exchanges
It is not me, but the time!
Lets find me first, 
and will then make you mine.)
And on that note, here I start again, my journey “In search of the Perfect one”! Till then Bon Voyage 🙂
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